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While driving one day, my husband and I had a little conversation about what job we would do if we could choose anything.  He jokingly said that he would get a 3D chocolate printer and make cool stuff with it. At the time neither of us thought that was a real thing, but it planted a seed in my mind and I couldn't let it go (much to his initial dismay!). After some Googling, I discovered that 3D chocolate printers do exist, but that you needed to do this thing called tempering to the chocolate before printing with it. All that led me down a path that included an intense 3 month online course at Ecole Chocolat to become a certified Professional Chocolatier​. After that, I played with chocolate at home for many months, worked 3 years part time as the truffle maker in a chocolate shop, then started my own cottage foods business from home. All that in 3 different states!

I have always loved making beautiful and delicious foods, and working with chocolate is a crazy and wonderful way to do that.  Chocolate usually has a mind of its own and it is often an adventure, but it is always worth it to see people delighting in my latest Tempered Treasure.

I live in Lincoln, Nebraska, and am a certified Cottage Foods Producer. That means I make everything from my home kitchen and I can only sell within the state of Nebraska.

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